Apply for a Grant by Sept. 8, 2023

Our goal is to streamline your work. Our applications are simple, we can send teacher grant checks written out to teachers, and you can tell us about your project with a quick email.

We have two kinds of grants to meet your needs:

STEM Organization Grants

Example Organization Grants:

  • Robotics Clubs
  • Technology Clubs
  • VEX Robotics Teams
  • FIRST Tech Challenge Teams
  • FIRST Robotics Competition Teams
  • STEAM Art Clubs

Example Medical Outreach:

  • Guest speaker to talk with students + follow up based on what you learned
  • Hosted a blood drive with their school
  • Volunteering at local hospital
  • Tour of hospital robotic surgery area
  • Red Cross project
  • Local vaccination project
  • 3d printed prosthetics for local patients
  • Work with suicide prevention groups like Zero Reasons Why

Organization grants require that your group perform a medical / health / healthcare outreach project but that does not have to be your main focus.

STEM Teacher Grants

Example Teacher Micro-Grants:

  • 3d Printing STEM Projects
  • Alternative energy projects
  • Spheros to learn coding basics
  • Rocket supplies for American Rocketry Challenge
  • Self-Powered Solar Car Kits
  • Magnetic tiles, dominoes, STEM station supplies
  • Tools for prototyping
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino kits

STEM Organization Grant Application

This grant is for STEM organizations (teams, clubs, etc.) to get started or sustain their efforts. The initial grant is $500, with an additional matching fund of $1,000 available for organizations that do additional fundraising.

  • Almost any kind of medical / health / healthcare project or outreach fulfills this requirement, so be creative!

Teacher Grant Application

Heartland STEM wants to encourage STEM in the classroom. This grant helps teachers of grades 6-12 provide a STEM activity. Teachers who apply are eligible for up to $200.

  • It's fine for this to be your personal name if that's simpler than going through your school or organization.