Our Purpose


Are you a high school STEM club or organization?
A teacher who wants to encourage STEM in the classroom?
A mentor who wants to support high school STEM activities?
Heartland STEM is here for you!

Our vision is to provide financial support towards high school STEM programs, as well as supporting teachers who want to encourage STEM activities in clubs and classrooms.



There are two grants supported by UnitedHealthcare:

STEM Team/Club Grant: This $500 grant is for STEM organizations to get started. There is also a matching grant available up to $1,000. Teams and clubs must file for this grant, which will be evaluated by our review team. Your organization is required to participate in at least one medically-oriented outreach if given funds.

Micro-Grant for Teachers: This $200 grant is for teachers to provide support of STEM programs in their classroom or community. To apply, submit a brief description of your project. If approved, Heartland Stem will award $200 dollars to you.